It is such an honor to deliver this message as the president of the CCWBA. Whether you’re reading this message as a long-standing member, a valued sponsor, entirely new to the CCWBA or somewhere in between, I am happy you’re here!

2020 was certainly one of the most challenging years we’ve faced – not only as a community, but as a profession. 2021 saw some reversion back to “normal.” 2022 saw even more of what came to be known as the “new normal.” As individuals, we continue to redefine what “normal” means for us – and our organization is no different. I am excited to pick up where Rachel left off, and to have the opportunity to continue to lead this amazing organization as we collectively redefine – sometimes over and over – “normal.” But, I don’t want the last few years’ worth of weirdness to shape us. With the help of a great group of women on the Board, I promise to both lead the CCWBA and strive to grow and further develop it. 

For many of us, likely all of us, the CCWBA has been a place for our members, sponsors, and colleagues to find comfort, friendship, professional development, and confidence in their careers and professional relationships. Those values are among the cornerstones on which we were formed and because of which we’ve flourished. My story is not unique: I moved to Naples and began practicing law here in 2012. The CCWBA was the first organization I joined and it’s because of the relationships I’ve developed with many of you that I consider my legal/professional network to be so valuable. I was greeted with open arms and I’ve since seen a decade’s worth of new members experience the same welcome. Our members lead and act with integrity, professionalism and kindness. Those traits exemplify and personify this group.

The CCWBA’s mission is to promote, recognize and encourage the contributions of women in the legal profession. Our members are committed to that mission.  The Board and I pledge to you that we will continue to provide quality continuing education, networking opportunities, camaraderie, and the many other member benefits you’ve come to expect from us.

I am looking forward to an exciting year. I encourage any of you who have ideas, questions, concerns or just want to grab a cup of coffee (or glass of wine!) to please reach out. I would love to hear from you!


Allison Christensen