Dear Friends and Colleagues:

First and foremost, I hope that you and your families are all well and staying healthy.  It most certainly has been a tough few months and I fear that we may have many more tough months to come.  It is in times like these that I reflect on the blessings in my life; my husband and son, a loving family, my career, my fantastic colleagues at Roetzel and all of the wonderful friends I have made as a result of the Collier County Women’s Bar Association.      

I moved my practice from Ft. Lauderdale to Naples in 2010.  In Broward County, I was not active in the local bar and, quite frankly, did not see a reason why I needed to be.  When I moved to Collier County, I realized that organizations like the CCWBA provided a setting for me to connect with my local colleagues on an intellectual, professional and personal level.  The CCWBA Board of Directors, past Presidents, members and sponsors welcomed me with open arms.  In 2014 I started volunteering to plan special events for the CCWBA (I do love to plan a party!).  In 2015 I was fortunate enough to be appointed to the Board of Directors.  It has been my honor to serve our legal community as a member of the CCWBA Board for the past 5 years.  I am humbled to now be given the opportunity to lead this very special organization as its President.      

The  CCWBA’s mission is to promote, recognize and encourage the contributions of women in the legal profession.  But we are more than a mission statement.  With the support of all of our colleagues and sponsors, for the last 27 years the CCWBA has focused on building bridges within our legal community.  We join together women and men of all races, nationalities, religions and orientations.  We provide continuing learning education and networking opportunities for litigators and transactional attorneys, prosecutors and defense attorneys, judges, paralegals and law students.  Our members and sponsors work in all settings, including government, non-profits, Legal Aid, banks, trust companies and private law firms of all sizes.  Simply put, we are an organization of inclusion.      

As I am sure you can imagine, our CCWBA calendar may look a little different this year.  We may be forced to have less in-person events and instead hold our monthly meetings virtually.  We appreciate your patience and understanding as the CCWBA Board works through these issues.  But rest assured, we are already hard at work planning for next year and are all committed to bringing you exceptional content and programming.  As a reminder, it is time to renew your CCWBA membership!  Please visit the Florida Association of Women Lawyers website at to renew your membership today.  

I look forward to seeing you all soon, even if it is only on my computer screen!  Until then, take care of yourselves and each other, stay positive and remember to reach out to us if there is anything we can do to help you.  

Kindest regards, 

Jamie B. Schwinghamer