Membership in CCWBA is from July 1 – June 30.  Our dues schedule:

  • Full Member: $75.00: A member licensed to practice law in any state.
  • Government/Legal Aid Attorney: $55.00
  • Law Student: $20.00: Law students enrolled in an accredited law school or those within one year of their law school graduation but unlicensed to practice law.  Students who become licensed during the CCWBA’s membership year may remain a student member until the next membership year.
  • Affiliate Member (non-voting):  $45.00: Registered Paralegals; Law school graduates more than one year removed from law school who are unlicensed to practice law in any state. 
    • Note that any member who has been disbarred from practicing law in any state shall be automatically dropped from the CCWBA’s membership and will not be reinstated until readmitted to practice law in that or another state.
  • Honorary Members: Subject to Board of Directors invitation and approval only

Attorneys who are licensed in another state, even if they are not licensed in Florida, are welcome to join the CCWBA at the $75 rate

Members of the Collier County Women’s Bar association (except Affiliate Memberships) are contemporaneously enrolled in the Florida Association for Women Lawyers (FAWL).  Memberships and Renewals (except Affiliate Memberships) are processed through the FAWL (Florida Association for Women Lawyers). 

CLICK HERE to JOIN or RENEW your membership as a Full Member, Government/Legal Aid Attorney or Law Student. 

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CLICK HERE to RENEW your membership as an Affiliate Member / Paralegal.