The Collier County Women’s Bar Association is excited to introduce its Mastermind Groups.  Similar to the Table for Eight mentoring program, the goal of the Mastermind Groups is to provide members with an opportunity to discuss ideas and offer support and guidance to one another.  As with each Table for Eight, discussions among the members of a Mastermind Group are to be held in confidence and not shared outside of the group.

Membership in a CCWBA Mastermind Group is limited to current Members of the CCWBA.  At this time, Members may participate in only one CCWBA Mastermind Group.  The CCWBA Mastermind Groups will be organized depending on the level of interest in a particular area, as indicated by the applications received.  Each CCWBA Mastermind Group will have a Leader assigned (similar to a host) who will serve as the group’s contact person with the Board of Directors and help guide discussions.

Any Member who is interested in participating can complete the Application, indicating up to three preferred interest areas and whether the Members wish to serve as a Mastermind Group Leader.  

If you wish to complete the application manually, you can download it here: Download Application You can submit your completed application to

Mastermind Groups Application