Woman Lawyer of the Year Nomination Form

The Collier County Women’s Bar Association presents this award annually to a female lawyer who has excelled in her career, overcome traditional stereotypes associated with women, promoted the status of women within the profession, and/or promoted the status of women in the State of Florida.


Past Recipients & Years Honored

Rachael Loukonen-2021
Sonia M. Diaz-2020
Starling N. Hendriks – 2019
S. Dresden Brunner – 2018
Maggie McMorrow- 2017
Carol A. O’Callaghan 2015 – 2016
The Honorable Lauren Brodie – 2014
Kelley Geraghty Price – 2013
Mary Beth Clary – 2012
Susan R. Healy – 2011
Kimberly Leach Johnson – 2010
Collier County Foreclosure Task Force – 2009*
Sister Maureen Kelleher – 2008
Janeice T. Martin – 2007
Jeanne Seewald – 2006
Kathleen Passidomo – 2005
Tara Miller Dane – 2004
Carolyn Coukos – 2003
Amira D. Fox – 2002
Christine Greider – 2001
Melinda Riddle – 2000
Sharon Hanlon – 1999
Jill Burzynski – 1998
Jean Rawson – 1997
Helen Sundgren – 1995-1996

* In 2009, the CCWBA recognized the work of those serving our community during the foreclosure crisis. Instead of a single recipient of the Women Lawyer of the Year Award, the CCWBA presented a special recognition award to the attorney founders and working group members of The Collier County Foreclosure Task Force:

Jeffrey A. Ahren, Maureen P. Aughton, Jacqueline J. Buyze, Jane Yeager Cheffy, Timothy J. Cotter, Celia E. Deifik, Edward L. Larsen, Patrick H. Neale, Tara A. Mucha, Francesca Passeri, Kathleen C. Passidomo & Kelley Geraghty Price


From time to time, the CCWBA has awarded the Distinguished Executive Award to commemorate the achievements of men and women who lead in the workplace with vision, determination, and compassion, and who create productive working environments for female attorneys.

Distinguished Executive Award Past Recipients

Dr. Allen Weiss, CEO & President
NCH Healthcare System

Ernie Bretzmann, Executive Director
United Way of Collier County

Gerri Moll, President of Bank of America
Southwest Florida

Martha Marland, Senior Vice President
Northern Trust Bank of Florida, N.A.

This award is presented to women in each local FAWL chapter who are licensed to practice law and who: (1) have earned the respect of others professionally; (2) have been involved in legal and non-legal activities for the betterment of their local communities; (3) exemplify the qualities of a positive role model; (4) have advanced the cause of women in their local community; and (5) are active members of FAWL.

FAWL Leaders in the Law Award

Cynthia Pivacek
Tara Miller Dane

Tara Mucha
Mary Beth Crawford

Kimberly Spiker
Lisa Lipman

Amira Fox
Kelly Davis

Donna Marshall
Tamara Nicola

Rachael Loukonen
Starling Hendriks

Rebecca Vaccariello
Dresden Brunner

Sonia Diaz
Janeice Martin
Carol O’Callaghan

Rosemary Barkett Outstanding Achievement Award

This award is FAWL’s highest award is presented annually to a FAWL member who (1) has demonstrated a commitment to the mission and goals of FAWL; (2) has excelled to outstanding career achievement that charters new territory in our profession; (3) has helped to overcome traditional stereotypes associated with women by breaking barriers, molding a new reality and a new way of thinking about themselves, others and their place in the universe or has promoted the status of women within the profession; (4) has advanced the status of women in the State of Florida; (5) is an active member of FAWL; and (6) is in good standing with the Florida Bar.

2016- 2017
Senator Kathleen Passidomo; Florida 28th District