Welcome to the CCWBA!

Message From The President

I am honored to serve as the President of the CCWBA and look forward to the exciting year the Board already has planned. With 22 years of history, the CCWBA is an organization where women can not only share their interests and concerns with one another, but also support one another in their endeavors.

As the Board plans the 2014-15 year, our focus this year is providing our membership with more information and tools to seek out leadership positions, whether it be for local or Florida bar organizations or within our own community. Our leadership committee is working vigorously to ensure we inform our members of opportunities throughout the state. We also plan on having a presentation by our Leadership Committee at one of our regularly scheduled luncheons.

With Leadership as the focus for this year, the CCWBA is looking for members who would like to serve on one of our committees, such as the Leadership Committee, Event Planning Committee, or Technology Committee. Please feel free to explore our website and reach out either to me or to the head of one of our committees if you are interested in serving. By actively participating in the CCWBA whether by serving on a committee or attending our scheduled events, we hope that you will gain wisdom and advice from our other members, and find support among your peers.

As President, my goal is not only to honor the rich history and traditions of the CCWBA, but to help it continue grow and serve our members and the community.





Kimberley Dillon, CCWBA President